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Best Passive Income Platforms In 2023

Have you made the decision not to earn passively? If yes, then you need to rethink! Because no matter if you earn thousand of dollars monthly, passive income can be your partner to run extra miles in the financial race.

We live in 2023, “an unpredictable year”; none of us can be sure how the economy will turn in the next few weeks, so isn’t it a better idea to get your hand on side income? After all, it gives us a great opportunity to stock enough money to utilize after retirement.

Looking at the benefits, only some of us may know about the ways passive income can be generated from. Well, there could be investments and side business, but wait, there’s more than that, “Passive income platforms”. These platforms do not require your 9 hours or loads of investment. They seek skills, and we believe that every person is born with a talent that can be polished into skills.

So, how about we polish that talent and make it useful for our financial stability? In this blog, 100 Passive Income Ideas, has come up with some incredible passive income platforms 2023. Now grab a seat and note down all the important pointers!

Passive Income Ideas 2023 – What Can Be The Other Options?

In 2023, passive income isn’t anything to brag about. It’s an old trick to get a straightforward approach to making money. For example, renting a home generates passive income, as does investing in a company… That’s true that there are countless opportunities to earn passively, but do we all own a house to rent to someone or thousands of dollars to invest in a business or activity?

Unfortunately, we see identical recommendations for passive income investing on every other blog we read, which are useless for many of us.

The veracity exists: We lack such assets to generate passive income!

Time Changing Passive Income Platforms 2023

In our last blog, we discussed Passive Income Ideas That Never Fail. Though the ideas are exceptional, they are tech-savvy and require your time and a little investment too … Not thousands of dollars but maybe a few of your hundreds. But how about we tell you that you can make your skills a source of earning too?

The skills that once were your passion but never got you any active job or a handful of money, but you still love to do it. For say, you take photos, write articles and make reels. All these count in creativity, but this creativity is only hidden behind the doors of Instagram.

Let’s not restrict your creativity and art to social media posts only. Generate some actual earnings out of it!




Do you know what wonders this platform does? It converts the audio file into a written document!

Okay, but how can it benefit you and be a source of your passive income? Well, become a transcriber! Through, you will no longer be required to operate the file manually; you only need to keep track of the work and look for the grammar. It’s because is an AI-powered speech-to-text service that can easily be done from home in a few hours. But let us tell you the most amazing part..

You can get a Closed Captioner job. Now what is it?

It’s a job where you are assigned a video or audio file, and you are required to convert it into a written document. It does sound dull but think about it. Once you download and activate it, at the same time you play the audio. The application will automatically write everything that comes on the audio.

Now eat or sleep; your job has been done!

Wait, the exciting thing is yet to be read. This passive income platform does not just ease your work. It also sprinkles some fun on your work platter.

Here is how: You can work with companies that produce captions and subtitles for movies or series. Now imagine this; you are watching a movie on Netflix, and all your work has been done by the application.

And you know the secret is very few companies are aware of this platform. Even if they are, they still require you to add punctuation and check grammar (shrugging hands). So next time you have work or need money, grab popcorn and watch movies.


  • Shutterstock:


Yeah, we know that you have heard of it; nothing new. Also, you probably have a portfolio over here too. But take a break, folks! Though we know that you are aware of its features like you can sell your pictures here and blah blah. So what’s the point of waiting and wondering? If you are good at taking pictures, why not sell talent over there? Know that: You can earn massively from this app!

Remember that you make the first step, and once this step starts digging the sand, you got this!

Mmm… Let’s bring you back to some years back when you loved to take random pictures, and people took your skills for granted, saying that this won’t help you in the future. Well, now it’s the time. Hunt old photos and mess with your cloud memory.

Moreover, there is still time to explore the world through your camera. If not the world, then streets, people, animals, nature, or anything.

“Capture the beauty most can’t see through their eyes.”

Or if I say;

“Capture the money through the beauty most can’t see through their eyes.”

It sounds wacky but believe us. People are enjoying this fruitful pie. Go and grab your slice too!

  • Remotive: 


Well well.., it’s a job-search site but, obviously you are looking for further options. But focus on the name Remotive! This means it posts remote jobs. Remote jobs that are flexible, require minimum effort, and pay well, maybe you will find a job that suits your interest.

Felt good after knowing about it? Of course, why won’t you? But that’s not it! We have gathered a few jobs for you that may relate to your skills or interest. Let’s have a look.


  1. Video Editor – Mexico (

Love to edit videos? This is for you! A remote job in Mexico from the comfort of your bed. And hopefully, if you succeed in gaining their trust and they are impressed with your work, there is a chance that they might assign you projects with flexible hours and good pay.

 i. Motion and Graphic Designer – UK (

Graphic designing is definitely a fun job, and it becomes even more fun when a company gives you a special day off on your birthday. We know people love to hear about holidays. Well, the UK job is offering you one. Seize it before you lose it!


 ii. Content Writer – USA (

Have you been writing on Medium and Mashable but nor getting many views, neither are you generating money? Keep posting but do not depend on it. Instead, apply here for good passive income. They offer some great benefits such as health insurance and holiday vacancies.

 iii. Digital Marketing Specialist – USA (\)

If you call yourself a digital marketing enthusiast, then you should definitely go for this job. We wonder how amazing it would be to claim a specialist position from home where you can just work for a few hours and earn massively.

  • Shopify


If you think Shopify is all about shopping or starting your business like establishing a store, selling a product, starting drop-shipping, etc., etc., then you are mistaken here. But we have another amazing way to earn from this passive income platform, Affiliate Marketing! Not on Instagram or Facebook but on Shopify.

Shopify offers a great way of earning through affiliate marketing. What you have to do is refer people to the store and earn commission The more referral you would make, the more reward you will gain. An affiliate can make $28 to $3000 from each signup, depending on the store owner or merchant user plan. And you know the best advantage is the signup to the program, which is entirely free of cost. In fact, if you monetize your audience, you can make money through each merchant referral.

Is Shopify affiliate marketing any different from other affiliate programs?

Starting from the initial stage! If a group of your friends are enthusiastic about a certain product. Say, for example, they enjoy wearing shirts with attractive designs, such as anime, and that they are also an online buyer. Bring them to the Shopify seller account that sells these kinds of shirts. Encourage and persuade your friends to make purchases from that store.

Usually, a sale is an outcome, but some affiliate marketing businesses compensate you for leads, trial clients, webpage clicks, or app installations.

  • Sell Amazon:

sell amazon

If you shop from Amazon, you can also sell on Amazon. Yeah, we know that you know, LOL. Again, you do not have anything to sell, you don’t run a business, and you have the investment to start one. But that’s okay because now you can sell your tech skills as well on Amazon. How? Let us guide you through;

Amazon sellers look for techies who can run their stores and guide the customers. So, if you are a pro at Java script, C++, Database, or any other programming language, congratulations! As you know, the world revolves around tech pros, and not just Amazon but every e-commerce site tries to hire techies to run their store because tech people are so good at handling these tech-messy things.

There is a good scope for the following position on Amazon;

  • Program Manager Network Engineer

It’s kind of similar to project management which requires you to control and handle the project. Still, You will be asked to focus on delivering high-tech functions to customers so that they avoid any tech issues and provide creative solutions.

  • Architect Software Developer/Engineer

Of course, a merchant or seller requires a developer or engineer to develop the Amazon store. It’s not always a one-time job. Well depends on the merchant. They may ask you to update them with all the errors or revamp the site as needed.

  • Technical Support Engineer

Tech support could be required for any purpose, maybe a product or service. Technical support engineers equip Amazon sellers with IT support. In case of any error in product technical analysis or background IT issues.

  • Product Analyst Manager

If you have heard about product listing, this is what the product analyst manager does. Maintains all the products, aligning, categorizing, track record, target setting, and optimizing. Sounds easy? Well, yeah, it’s not that difficult, but still, you need to be dainty tech-savvy.

  • Business Analyst

They are the salesperson who approaches the target through different methods and manages the product’s sales. The more sales they make, the more the bonus they’ll get.

  • User Experience (UX)

Have you ever seen the beautiful design of a store that instantly grabs your attention? That’s the work of a UX designer. They are a significant asset for Amazon sellers because clients are more attracted when they feel the store looks authentic and has a good view.

  • Cyber Security Consultant

They are able to assist multiple sellers at once. Their job is to consult the owner about security threats and monitor fraud that could jeopardize the business’s livelihood.

Techies with experience in the following tech skills are the most needed by Amazon sellers.

    1. Software development

    1. Project administration

    1. Web and graphic design

    1. Linux-based application developer

    1. Databases Manager

    1. SQL

    1. Cloud Manager

    1. DevOps

The End Frame

Passive income can save you from hazardous future circumstances. Even if you don’t need to work with any Passive Income Platform mentioned above, you still need to take time for it savings. Because, most likely, adults live off of passive income and also preserve accumulate a significant quantity of investable assets in their past. People who became wealthy early in life, live modest lives and make investments for both income and capital growth are usually passive earners.

We have covered every corner of the passive investment guide. Visit our site, 100 Passive Income Ideas, and explore all possible options which can help you become a future entrepreneur. Our purpose is to keep you informed about all the profitable passive income ideas. Let’s unlock the door to Financial Independence together!

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